A Weekend In Tennessee

For a cheap & easy weekend away, Gatlinburg fit the mark. As we pulled into the mountains, we were greeted by a colorful city with tourists lining the sidewalks. The energy from a busy area made my heart giddy. We unpacked in our simple last-minute hotel on the Main Street and headed out for an adventure.


The best part of Gatlinburg, aside from the many candy shops, were the moonshine tastings. I was very nervous to try it, I mean isn’t that stuff supposed to be super powerful?! We walked into Ole Smoky Moonshine, paid $5 and found ourselves beginning a tasting. The bartender was very intense when she told us anyone who refused any of the samples would face consequences, so we buckled down and prepared for the worst.


To my surprise, I loved it! Our favorite flavors were pickle, margarita, blackberry and coffee. Yum. There was something about the way they concoct it that made you forget you were essentially drinking hand sanitizer… Appetizing, right? Anyways, I think this is something everyone should try, but be warned they are strong!


Aside from moonshine, we found the mountain coasters to be a must-see experience. Located along the hillside, there were several locations offering this experience. Essentially you sit in a car (big enough for 2) and head your way up the mountain. Once high enough, you are prompted to let go of the controls and coast. Think similar to a log-chute ride, but on land. It was exhilarating and hilarious all at once.


We spent the remainder of the trip driving through the trails in the Rocky Mountains. Since neither of us are big hiking people, we found the driving to be just fine. We cranked the indie music as we headed up the narrow one-way roads. My favorite part of this whole thing was relaxing with the windows down and green trees flying by in the rearview.

Man, I love TN.

Cheers! xoxo