A tour of my city - Spartanburg, SC

Welcome to South Carolina

I feel like this blog is WAY overdue! Considering none of you have come to visit yet *cough cough*, I would love to show you around our town so that you can get a feel for what it's like living this southern life.

Ps. We have an air mattress ready for any of you & plenty of snacks too.


Spartanburg, SC

Let me start with the basics. We live in an apartment in Spartanburg, SC. Our space is the perfect size for the two of us and a great blend of our styles (Boho decor & Philadelphia Eagles gear). We are positioned roughly 5 minutes from several groceries stores, 6 minutes from Target when speeding– no I haven’t clocked it, and 10 minutes from the park we like to run at.

The best part of Spartanburg is that there is all sorts of stuff to do (and eat, more importantly). I swear every day we find some new restaurant or store that we never noticed before. But, through and through, our favorite hang out is on Main Street, which is roughly a 20-minute drive from our house. Amidst the brick buildings are lots of restaurants with sidewalk seating, local boutiques, and breweries to enjoy. As I’m writing this, I am sitting outside my favorite coffee shop, Spill the Beans, enjoying an Iced Latte in the April sun. Amazing.

Our absolute favorite place to relax when it’s warm is FR8yard, the newest spot in town. It is an outdoor venue with twinkling lights, yard games & picnic tables near the stage  where singers perform almost every night which is something I love so much about this area, there is no shortage of live music. My go-to drink is their Son of a Peach beer, which goes oh-so-well with their pretzel bites.

Down the road is RJ Rockers, another brewery with live music and a laid-back crowd. Also home to probably the best bar food I have ever had! We love to end the night here hanging with friends sharing a pitcher of Peachy King beer. Yeah, peaches are everywhere here.

Okay, so you get the vibe of Main Street. I guess all you need to know about the city is that the people are incredible. I can’t tell you how friendly everyone has been & complimentary. It has quickly come to feel very homey to us, we love it!  


We are in a hub for traveling

Charlotte is 1 hour

Myrtle Beach is 3 hours

Nashville is 5.5 hours

Savannah is 4 hours

Atlanta is 3 hours

Greenville, SC


A quick 30-minute drive from us is Greenville, SC, a city with a little bit more hustle & bustle. We arrived at the time of its growth, with lots of housing and businesses being developed quickly to accommodate the influx of people like us. I think if we end up living here very long, we will move to Greenville because there is SO much to do there. They have even more hipster and trendy food spots and LOTS of activities like a mall, Top Golf, and massive walking trail.

On one end of Greenville sits Fluor Field, a venue modeled after Fenway that is home to the local Greenville Drive (MiLB team).  Near the field are lots of places to grab a drink & southern fried bbq. Our favorite so far being Mac’s Speed Shop, where we fine-dined on pulled pork and beer-can chicken. Further down Main Street is  where all the action is. There is a massive river walkway that you cross on your way to the hundreds of restaurants on the strip. My favorite part is that almost all of them have tables on the sidewalks. I’m a sucker for outdoor seating in the summer - must be my MN roots. Anyways, we love spending our weekends walking around here, there is no shortage of fun to be had!

Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC travel guide
Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC

If we are thinking of driving a little further for the weekend, we love to head to Asheville, NC. This city has an ‘anything-goes’ hipster vibe. It is actually home to lots of hippies traveling in groups, which is something I had never seen before. One of it’s main attractions is the Blue Ridge Parkway, a road winding up the mountains with several stops for trails and even a restaurant. We spent an hour driving to the top listening to oldies jams and gazing out at the city below. Aside from mountain adventures, there are tons of breweries with great reputations in Asheville.  This is another favorite city for sure! Read more about it here.

I hope this gave you a glimpse into our lives here! Just in case you decide to book a flight, (which you totally should) you can either fly into GSP or CLT. We will definitely make the hour drive to pick you up, no worries.

Cheers! Xoxo - Katie