The Best of Portugal (Part 1)

This piece has definitely taken some time for me to craft. Portugal was an experience unlike any other so I needed to do it justice. Since Peter and I both studied abroad in Italy, we have an everlasting love for the country that will always keep it #1 in our hearts. BUT, if we had to choose our second favorite place, Portugal would take the cake.


Other places that are great to hang out are Arco da Rua Augusta (the large arch downtown), Pedro IV Square (with beautiful tile floors - you’ll know them when you see them), and near the water.

Take photos at the São Jorge Castle. It costs roughly 8.5 Euro to enter, but once you are in you have full access to roam the grounds. We both really enjoyed reading about the castle while soaking in the best views of the city. I would highly recommend spending time up there relaxing.

The view from São Jorge Castle

The view from São Jorge Castle



Walk through the magical city streets lined with patterned tiles and I guarantee you’ll lose track of time. Seriously though, we spent all of our days wandering throughout the city until we stopped for a bite to eat, maybe followed by the occasional nap in the park, and then hit the streets running.


One of the most iconic things to do in Lisbon is riding Tram 28, a route that takes you throughout the city. I hope that you can learn from our mistakes with this expedition. Essentially we thought you could hop on at a bus stop, pay the 4 Euro fee and ride it all until you got off. Well, this is sort of true, but what they don’t tell you is that once the trolley’s route is done, you are forced to get off. So, in order to get back on you have to pay another 4 Euro to head back to the city center. Unfortunately for Peter & I, we hopped on towards the end of the route so we hardly got anywhere for our initial payment.

To avoid this chaos: go to the local metro station (Rossio Station is a good one) and pay the 6 Euros for a 24-hour pass. It will be way easier and less confusing, trust me. It would also be smart to get on near Campo Ourique because you might be able to get a seat and avoid the tourists trying hop on downtown.

Sangria & Super Bock at Portas del Sol

Sangria & Super Bock at Portas del Sol

Lastly, if you are looking to get the iconic photo of Lisbon, head up to Portas del Sol to grab some sangria and take in the sights.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I unveil where to eat, where to stay and other tips for Lisbon!

Cheers! xoxo