5 places you need to see that aren’t even on your radar

Ever since living in the south I have been hit with the travel bug... We spend almost every weekend exploring Southern cities that I honestly never thought I would get to see.

BUT, after my daily Pinterest scroll, I can’t help but daydream of traveling internationally again. We all know that satisfaction of adding a stamp to your passport and stepping foot somewhere new. It’s so invigorating!

All this to say, I was reviewing my bucket-list travel spots and realized that I should share some with you! There are SO many to choose from, but I wanted to let you in on some places that you probably haven’t heard of before that will blow your mind. No joke.

Just please promise to take me with if you are lucky enough to go to one of these!!

Cartagena, Colombia

Did you know that this beauty is only a 4 hour flight from Atlanta?! I don’t know why but that is mind-boggling to me!

Peter has a friend from Colombia that gave us the low-down on the area, and suggested that we make Cartagena a priority. I definitely faced this suggestion with a bit of skepticism knowing it’s history of drug lords and violence, but she assured me that this area is safe for tourists. After reading a bit more, it sounds like this beach city is one of the top destinations for all types of international visitors. Believe me when I say that the views of this beach are incredible. To top it off, their colorful old town is apparently one of the best spots to wander aimlessly when you aren’t at the beach.

Photo via Best Price Travel

Photo via Best Price Travel

Ha Long, Vietnam  

I was originally turned onto this place by a coworker who told me that Vietnam is very cheap and full of incredible people, which is just about all I need. Vietnam is home to some many unique cities, but one that I would love to visit is Ha Long (which is in the Northeast region). Ha Long Bay is arguably one of the most stunning places I have ever seen. If you are at all interested in boating, snorkeling or just being on the water, you need to add this to your list!

Marrakech, Morocco

The architecture alone is one of the reasons I need to visit this place ASAP. I can’t believe how many beautiful colors, tiles and unique structures there are in this city. From what I see, there are beautiful rooftops to explore and incredible spots to dine with palm trees in sight. Not to mention, there are authentic marketplaces and historical churches that are unlike any other place I’ve been.

Photo via Tara Michelle

Photo via Tara Michelle

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is probably more well-known, especially if you are a big Game of Thrones guy. Peter and I were actually planning our post-grad trip here (rather than Spain) but ending up switching our plans last minute. This city on the water boasts unbelievable views and European architecture. It is actually a fairly small town that is easily accessible and safe for tourists. We are still planning on going one day, but when we do, I think we will try to spend a couple days in Dubrovnik and a few in Split before making our way to Greece.

Photo via Sophia Adventures

Photo via Sophia Adventures

Cappadocia, Turkey

Ahhh I have chills. I have been obsessed with this place ever since seeing Indy Blue’s Travel Video that literally had me geeking out for like 20 minutes. Cappadocia is a quick flight or shuttle away from Istanbul, which just so happens to be another place on my list. This city is a complete fairytale, with buildings that look like droplets of sand randomly dispersed from the heavens above. AH. The beauty of this place is that it isn’t a huge tourist destination yet, which means there’s no fighting for space (which is how Iceland has gotten in my opinion). Plus, they are known for some of the most incredible hot air balloons in the world, a spectacle best viewed from your hotel’s café at sunrise. Oh I almost forgot to say, your hotel is literally built into a cave… like what?!

Well now that I am officially drooling over these images, I’m pretty sure there’s no way I’ll be concentrating on anything else today. Please let me know what you think below/ if you are looking for a travel buddy! ;)


xoxo - Katie