The 5 Cutest Cities in Europe

These beauties will have you booking flights asap

There is something so special about small towns. It’s like knowing that it’s small automatically makes it all the more magical, almost like I am one of the only people who knows of its existence. So, if you are in the market for a Disney-esque place to add to your bucket list, I have a few suggestions for you!

Annecy, France

I went here on my first ever time in Europe so I think it holds an extra special place in my heart.  More importantly, it was also the first place I ever had an authentic crepe… swoon. Anyways, Annecy is the epitome of a small town with storybook character. It’s colorful buildings line the Thiou River, which flows water through the city center. Mountains paint a stunning backdrop to the city, where tourists are welcomed into the authentic lives of locals. It’s all you want of France in the most peaceful little town.

Grenoble, France

Not far from Annecy, sits Grenoble in all its glory. As any city on this list, Grenoble’s magic lies in the character of its buildings and people. What I remember most of this city is the Grenbole Bastille Cable Car that transports you from the Grenoble into the hillside, where there is a panoramic view of the buildings below, enjoyed best while eating bread and sipping wine at Restaurant Chez Le Per Gras.

redo 5-5.jpg

Toledo, Spain

We spent a day in Toledo, Spain on our trip to Madrid and it was incredible. The town itself is located on a cliff, overlooking the rolling Spanish hills. Its character is captivating as you wander throughout the city, admiring the intricate details in the architecture.

As I said, we only spent a day there, but it seems like the perfect low-key place for a romantic vacation away from the bustle of Madrid. We were in awe of how walkable the city was without being too small. It seemed like the type of place where everyone knows one another and time moves slowly, in the best way possible.

Verona, Italy

Ever seen Letters to Juliet? I just saw it for the first time this year and loved the way it showcased Verona. As the movie suggests, Verona is the city where Romeo & Juliet takes place, which makes this a modern day city of love. I went during a Valentine’s Day festival when there were lots of vendors selling chocolates and baked goods, which only added to the romance of it all. Not to worry if you can’t make it there during February though, you will still love seeing Juliet's balcony, touring the Verona Arena and and walking to Lake Garda.

San Gimigagno, Italy

This Italian beauty is in the Tuscan region of Italy. Known for its wine tastings and gelato, this city will fulfill Italian fantasies. The main square is where you will find restaurants serving Italian cuisine and excellent people-watching. As with anywhere in Italy, there is lots of history packed it it’s city walls, so I suggest taking your time wandering around and enjoying the scenery.

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I’ll admit, writing this made me a little sad because I wish more than anything I could be back to any of these cities. Have you had a chance to visit any of these places before? I would love to hear your opinions if you have or any other places that I should add to the list!

Cheers! xoxo - Katie