Asheville, NC

What to do in Asheville, NC

Lucky for us, Asheville is only an hour from our home, which means this a great stay-cation any time we feel like changing up our scenery for the day. After exploring this mountainous city filled with hipsters and trendy shops, we have compiled a list of what you should do in Asheville, NC.

The Best food in Asheville


Gourmet Chip Company


Move over sandwich shops, there is a new sheriff in town. As we were narrowing down our search for a quick lunch bite, we found ourselves at the Gourmet Chip Company, my new holy land. Their specialty is gourmet kettle chips piled with unique seasonings and toppings. Ex: brie cheese, apples, balsamic or sweet potato with chocolate drizzle. These chips weren’t even the best part, although they were certainly amazing, we loved the panini even more. We ordered the Italiano panini, which had more flavor and tasted better than any panini we ever had in Italy. We are big fans.

Double D’s

Another great stop is the coffee shop built out of an old double-decker bus. Now, this thing is something totally different. Essentially, you enter inside the bottom floor of this bus where you can order your drinks, then head outside to pick them up & chill at their outdoor seating. I’m not a coffee expert, but I thought it tasted pretty dang good & the experience was well worth it.

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

This place is allegedly one of the best spots to grab some sweets. I say allegedly because every time we have tried to go, the line was unbearably long. So, know that you will likely spend some time waiting if you want to go. But, I did hear the hot chocolate is incredible, so that might be the move!

Wicked Weed Brewery

A crowd favorite of Asheville, Wicked Weed is often flooded with visitors enjoying a cold brewski. Luckily, the venue is large enough to host various groups large or small, so it is worth your time to try. They offer unique beers that are all refreshing after a day of walking around. Some of our favorites: French Toast Stout, Milk & Cookies Stout, Hot Cocoa Porter.

Pro tip: If it is super busy, try going downstairs where they have an outdoor patio.

Where to go in Asheville

The best part of Asheville is its walkability. Nearly every corner offers cool restaurants, cute boutiques and unique sights. So, you really could spend the day walking around and be entertained, but if you do want to plan it out, here are some things you can look our for:

Grove Arcade

This section of downtown is basically an indoor marketplace with shops for you to walk through. Our favorite stop was Battery Park Book Exchange, which was arguably the most unique bookstore I have ever explored. I must admit I am a sucker for walking through book shops, I think it’s the smell of old books that I love so much. Anyways, they serve bakery items, alcohol and coffee for you to enjoy downstairs before wandering through the classic books lining the shelves.

The Biltmore

This estate is one of the highlights of Asheville. It’s America’s largest home tucked away in the hillside of Asheville. The only downside? It’s roughly $100 for admission, which is something to consider beforehand. However, if you are interested in going you can go to the visitors center and decide there since they do have a variety of tours to choose from.

Skinny Dip Falls

Great name, eh? We did our research on where to visit and this was top of the list. This waterfall is easily found off the Blue Ridge Parkway, about a half mile in. Apparently it is the best place to cool off and enjoy a dip once the weather warms up.

Let me know if you are heading out to Asheville soon or if you have been before! I would love to hear your favorite places. Cheers! xoxo -Katie

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