Let's Talk Inspo...

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… one of the best things I do to make sure I’m getting cool shots is to pull inspiration from others. Honestly, my Instagram feed is 90% people I don’t even know!

I think it’s pretty incredible that we have access to so many talented people at just the swipe of a finger.

So, whenever I am in need of some cool ideas for shoots, or have a campaign & I’m not sure the direction to take, I ALWAYS check out these accounts for inspo.

Mad props to all you talented people out there – you are killin’ it!


Photography Inspo

1. Tezza

A goddess. A queen. She seriously is the epitome of fashion & creativity combined into one human being. If you don’t already follow her, you definitely should. 

What I love about her: She always has the MOST creative poses ever. She is constantly pushing the envelope with her strangely beautiful angles and editing.

Instagram: @tezza


2.  Jaci Marie Smith

I’ve mentioned her before, but Jaci actually inspires my editing style the most!

I love her warm tones that give such a welcoming feel to her photos.  

What I love about her: She takes such a great creative direction with her photos. You can see how her knowledge as a photographer comes through in each photo – she’s been absolutely slaying the game in the last few months especially!  

Instagram: @jacimariesmith


Videography inspo

1.     Hailey & Brad Devine

Not only are these two are the most genuine souls, but their work as videographers is also incredible. I mean, double whammy. I have followed them for years now, and absolutely adore everything they share.

What I love about them: I can always count on them for a happy, uplifting video. They are such incredible storytellers with incredible technical skills that always blow my mind.

INstagram: @haileydevine

2. Indy Blue

I think that if we knew each other in real life, we would honestly be great friends.

Indy lives life in a way that is so fearless & badass that I honestly aspire to be more like her when I grow up. Her video style is different than anyone else I’ve seen – it almost feels like I’m watching a music video.

What I love about her: Her videos ALWAYS leave me inspired. I seriously check out her work at least once a week to get my creative juices flowing. She also has such powerful music & really rad cuts to her videos that are unexpectedly ahmazing.

Also, she dances ALL the time. Again, future best friend!?

Instagram: @indyblue_


3.  Jackson Averett

His work is out of this world.

The way he shoots his videos is so authentic and in the moment that it almost feels like you are there, which is especially incredible considering most of the videos he films are insane places like Bali or Asia.   

What I love about him: His work challenges my creativity for travel videos. The way he transitions from each clip is SO SO cool. I think he is incredible at what he does!

instagram: @jacksonaverett

Blogger inspo

1. Emma’s Edition

Emma is a long-standing blogger who openly discusses every topic imaginable.

Seriously, whenever I’m in a blog draught, I come to her site for inspo!

What I love about her: Emma is a great resource for questions about building a blog, working with brands, posing for photos, etc.

Blog: emmasedition.com


2. Tara Michelle

This is one of those blogs that I always come back to for a fun read. Very short, sweet and to the point. I love her very laid-back style of writing and formatting of her site.

What I love about her: Tara’s photos are great inspo for lifestyle or ‘blogger’ photos. She also documents her travels, which is obviously right up my alley!

Blog: imtaramichelle.com

Feel free to comment any other inspiring accounts should I follow! I’d love to do some creepin’!


xoxo - Katie

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