My go-to date ideas that you should try ASAP

Date Ideas to try ASAP

Peter & I have been together forever, which means we’ve gone on almost every date in the books. So now that we live together, it can be hard to think of new ideas to keep us entertained and connected. After racking my brain for our best dates over the past several years, I came up with this list of honorable mentions for you to try!

Dueling Pianos (or a show)

Okay okay, I’m not sure if every city has this, but Greenville does, which just so happens to be near where we live. Last week we went to Jack & Diane’s piano bar where we enjoyed a hysterical show of 2 men playing songs requested by the audience on the piano. In theory it sounds kinda dull, that is, until you see the pianists roasting people in the crowd - on behalf of their friends leaving large tips. They also make sure to involve the crowd, encouraging everyone to sing along & bang their fists on the table to the beat.

If there isn’t one of these where you live, you should try to find other shows like dinner theaters or comedy shows.

(*Do note that if you want them to pay a song, you should include a tip*)


Explore Cities & Rent Bikes

This kinda goes hand-in-hand with our love to adventure. Ever since moving south, we have found so many small towns to visit within an hour’s drive. These are always our favorite days because we go without a plan, wandering wherever we want at our own pace (typically towards the best smelling foods). Usually we end up renting bikes, which is really cheap, and finding a park to hang out in. I should also mention that we did this back in Minnesota too! We always loved going to Stillwater in the summer for some ice cream or Taylors Falls for their drive-in with addictive root beer.

Fast Food Challenge

Okay this sounds so so fun, but I have to admit, we have yet to try it - although, I am sure we will soon. Basically, go through your mail and find all those junk coupons for fast food that you usually ignore. Take note of places make you salivate the most and cut them out, then hop in your car and head out to a couple of your favs. So for me, the game plan would be starting with an appetizer of McD’s 2-for-1 fries, then popping over to Jack in the Box for a swiss burger to share, Subway for a 6 inch sub, and finishing it off with BOGO DQ Blizzards. I mean it’s definitely not healthy, but it is fun!


Yes I realize this is a no-brainer, but I just have to include it because it’s our all-time favorite. We are HUGE movie-goers. Our first date was actually to Abducted, back when Taylor Lautner peaked, with my siblings spying on me from the back row. Yeah, that’s a whole other story… Anyways, my life hack for movies is to go to $5 Tuesdays and always joining your theater’s rewards program because even though we rarely get free popcorn or tickets, we do get the service fee knocked off our price when we order our tickets online! Plus you can take the $ you saved on tickets and spend it on ice cream after!


Playing Cards

I wouldn’t call myself a competitive person per se, mostly because I hate conflict, but there are a few times when my inner beast comes out… one of those being when I’m playing Slap Jack, especially against Peter. I think my 13-game winning streak might also make me love it even more. All this to say, playing cards is literally one of the cheapest dates ever that can entertain you for hours! We like to grab some drinks (sangria for me & Guinness for him), cozy up on the floor and play forever.

My personal favorite card games for 2 are: slap jack, crazy 8’s, garbage, speed & phase 10.

Silent Disco

OH. MY. GOSH. I’m literally smiling thinking about this right now. Have you ever been to a silent disco? They are SO flippin’ fun, I wish I could go to one with all of you!! If you’re unfamiliar, you pay a cover fee at the door for some over-the-ear headphones equipped with a button to switch between a few channels at your own pace. So if ‘Party in the USA’ isn’t doing it for you, flip the switch and you’ll be on ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ in seconds. The one we went to in Des Moines had 3 channels with corresponding DJ’s on the stage. All I have to say is Pete's friends KILLED it on the dance floor! I think we all left sweating from all the cardio!

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 7.59.46 PM.png

Well, those are all that I can think of for now, but it is a good place to start!! I also think it would be fun for you + your bae to intentionally plan a date for one another. So Friday night you plan dinner that you know your boo would love & Saturday you’ll be surprised with a fun activity you love! It’s a win-win! If this was helpful leave me a comment below & I’ll make another! Also let me know your favorite date ideas too!

Cheers! - xoxo Katie