The Evolution of My Style + Giveaway

Buckle up everybody, this is about to be a wild ride.

One of the best compliments people have been giving me lately is that they love my style, but if I’m being honest, I didn’t really have a style until recently. So, I wanted to take you back in time with me to show you a little glimpse into how my style has changed over the years and brought me to where I am now as an adult(ish) woman.

Also stay tuned to the end for a giveaway!! Woot woot!

Middle School Katie: The Librarian

Here we go. All you really need to know is that I was dubbed a ‘librarian’ by my family back in the day, not because of my book obsession but for my style. You can imagine me pulling my lace camis out from underneath my t-shirts,  paired with some bermuda shorts, bifocals and a half-up hairdo. Can I help you find the non-fiction section?

High School Katie: The Butterfly Stage

Thankfully, things changed when I got to high school. I should mention that I grew 4 inches my first year (thanks to my oh so glamorous hypothyroid diagnosis) which meant that clothes started to fit me a bit better. My besties refer to this as ‘the butterfly stage’ aka when I started my glow-up. I started to throw on a swipe of mascara, straightened my hair occasionally and started to wear more casual girly clothes. When I was feeling extra spiffy, I would pair a V-Neck tee that I stole from my sister with some bedazzled Silver brand jeans. I remember shopping at Garage and American Eagle on the regular.

College Kathy: a grungey gal

College is where things changed. I really stopped caring much about what people thought of my appearance. I no joke would show up to group meetings or the library in huge sweats and a comfy tee. I can still remember going to the bars in a sweatshirt and leggings (or shorts - as pictured above) where I danced alongside a sea of girls wearing crop tops and skinny jeans. Honestly, the leggings just made my dance moves even better!

Although it wasn’t the cutest, I definitely started to gain the most confidence during college. I finally realized that what I looked like didn’t matter at all, it was more important for me to feel confident in who I was…which was a quirky fun-loving gal.

Adult Katherine Ann Forsha: a modern day lady with killer style


Now as a adult woman, I have been finding my groove in the grungy boho world. I have started messing with prints, killer shoes and unique jewelry that sets me apart without trying too hard. I am SUPER into layering gold accessories. You’ll never catch me without a couple rings on my fingers, a necklace (or two) and some gold hoops. But more recently I’ve been trying to switch it up and add new items into my collection, which is why I love Jord!


I won’t lie, I am not usually a watch person. I think it’s something about a watch weighing down my wrist that irritates me, but when I saw the cute Jord watches I told myself that I would give it a try.

What I love most is the size of the watch face. It is perfectly large without overpowering my small wrists, and pairs nicely with almost every outfit. Personally, I loved that it came with an alternative gold band because it fits my aesthetic (duh!) and brought in a masculine touch. I always remember my Dad wearing a gold bracelet growing up, so in some odd way this kind of reminds me of him.


Giveaway time!!

I can’t say enough great things about Jord Watches and the company as a whole! The products are so high quality and definitely something that will last you forever + the employees are super helpful and kind!

If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these puppies, (which you totally should) click the link below to enter for the chance to win $100 towards a Jord purchase! I can’t wait to see who wins!! Good luck!


xx- Katie

This post is in collaboration with Jord Watches. All opinions are my own.