May Must-Have's

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my favorite things that i can’t live without

Phew, is it hot here in South Carolina! This week is reaching 90 degrees, which means it’s time for summer clothes! Call me crazy but I love humidity. I know it can get nasty, but I think I’m eternally cold from living in Minnesota and crave some warmth while I can have it.

Now that May is coming to a close, I wanted to round-up some of the things that I have been loving all month long! Buckle up for a very random list & get your tabs ready to start searching.

Photo via Goodreads

Photo via Goodreads

good reads

The couple next door by Shari Lapena

This is  such a good summer read! I needed a break from my usual romantic books, so I grabbed this one at Target (mostly because it was only $13) and I swear I couldn’t put it down! It’s definitely suspenseful but not scary, so no need to worry about nightmares. Get it and let me know what you think!

best jams

Woke up late by Drax Project

I really want to be Liza Koshy in this music video… if anyone can make that happen, that’d be great.

Bonus songs: High Time by Kacey Musgraves & This Feeling by the Alabama Shakes

feel free to check out my playlist for more!!

tv shows i’ve binged

Selling Sunset

Peter and I LOVED this show. We are total suckers for all the drama. It is such an easy show to binge in like 3 days, especially if you like reality TV. Definitely give it a try! (Netflix)

Big Little Lies

My roomie and I binged this over 2 very late nights in college while eating popcorn and hiding under blankets.  Since it has been a few years and there is another season coming out soon, I decided to give it another watch. I fully expected Peter to hate it, but he surprisingly was super into it!! It’s only 8 episodes on HBO, which makes it the perfect binge for the summer before season 2 comes out this summer.

Dead To Me

We are only 2 episodes in, but it’s definitely interesting. Kind of dark, so you have to be in the mood for it (Netflix).

Beauty Products i love

Photo via Glossier website

Photo via Glossier website

Glossier Daily Sunscreen SPF 35.

I’ll be honest, I never used to include a sunscreen in my daily routine, especially in the winter time, but now that I live in a sunny place I know that SPF is key! I love this stuff! It doesn’t have that nasty sunscreen smell and glides on my skin so easily, without leaving me tacky or greasy. It is also really cheap which is a bonus. There’s no way I’ll go back to other sunscreen brands.

Photo via

Photo via

Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

I have never been one to spend more than a $10 mascara at Target, but once I started noticing the fallout and how much my lashes sagged throughout the day, I knew I needed to bite the bullet and upgrade. I have been really loving this stuff! The bristles give me a natural look that is easily buildable with extra coats.  

Photo via

Photo via

So Juicy Lipgloss

I can’t for the life of me feel confident wearing lipstick. It’s just so not my style (aka tomboy, low-key vibes). So, I am very happy to rock a gloss, even if it is so 2010. I won’t lie, it is kind of sticky and I do get my hairs caught in my lips occasionally, but I adore how glossy this product is!

Accessories you need

I have been wearing these large earrings from Uncommon Jameson on repeat!! I got them as a gift in winter & only take them off to sleep and shower. Okay not actually, but you get the point. These are super good quality which means I don’t have to worry about them turning my ears green or the metal breaking.

Photo via Uncommon James Website

Photo via Uncommon James Website

Clothes i dig

Puma Sneakers - These shoes have lasted me over a year now, and I am obsessed with them! I used to be a big Converse guy until I realized that they have very little support & my knees needed something a little more comfy. These puppies have lasted forever!!


Target T-shirts: Wow I never thought I would say it, but Target actually has some clothes that I am diggin’. Usually I feel like the quality isn’t worth the price, but I recently got a cropped sweatshirt for $10, and 2 cropped tees for $12 each. I see you ‘Wild Fable’. This line is killing it!

I can’t even take myself seriously as a ‘blogger’ right now because I know that I have the most bizarre interests at any point in time. Comment below if you are also obsessed with any of these things!!

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