12 Things

Hi again!!

I took a couple weeks off of blogging to focus on family, but now I am back and more ready than ever to share my life with you guys! I first saw this post by Amber Fillerup and Aspyn Ovard, and I thought I would give it a try because it’s fun to write and easy to read (you’re welcome). Plus you get to learn a little more about me!

Basically, I am sitting here typing up 12 random things as they come to my brain. Yes they will most definitely be very scattered, but that’s the fun of it, right?!

Here goes nothing!

  1. I had a nightmare last night that I was swimming with coy fish & I woke up panicked because I am terrified of fish.

  2. Last week I scared Peter so bad that he threw his full glass of water on the carpet in the dark & we both fell to the ground laughing so hard that we couldn’t speak.

  3. Why are sweet potatoes so good? I am so sad it took me 22 years to realize this.

  4. My dad & I absolutely slay any/all song lyrics. I like to play radio roulette, where I scroll through all the stations and compete with people in the car to see who can name the song first.

  5. I ate 1/2 a large bag of peanut M&M’s in one sitting the other day. I was honestly just impressed with myself.

  6. My old roommates used to make fun of me for scooping Nutella out of the jar with our massive butcher knife. In my defense, I did it because I would cut apples with the knife first and didn’t want to dirty any more silverware… pretty genius if you ask me.

  7. In 7th grade I found out I was hypo-thyroid & grew 4 inches in the first year that I started taking medication. (I’ve got the stretch marks to prove it woot woot!)

  8. I wish that I knew how to take care of plants, but I killed a cactus last month which is apparently hard to do, sooooo…..

  9. I prefer cookies that are frozen as opposed to oven-fresh.

  10. Speaking of cookies, I never eat my own baked treats the day after making them. I have a mental block that tells me they are old and not as good so I just don’t even bother eating them.

  11. My favorite movie is either Cheaper by the Dozen 2 or Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

  12. I’ve never been in a car accident but I did back into my mailbox in high school & dent the car. I also backed into our trash can and sent garbage flying across the street.

Honestly, this was SO fun to write. I’m really cracking myself up!! I feel like I should do another one sometime because I feel like you get to know me & all my quirks, a little bit better :)


xoxo - Katie